FO Friday 9th March-Bertie Baby Blanket

Finally, another FO post! The Bertie baby blanket (pattern by Little Doolally, available on Ravelry) is now all done, and mummy-to-be has seen the photos too. It measures approximately 30″ x 35″, which is a little larger than some baby blankets. However, I decided early on that if I was going to put hours into…… Continue reading FO Friday 9th March-Bertie Baby Blanket

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Splashing, strolling and bowling

A winter trip to the seaside is a very popular past time, especially on clear, crisp days such as those we are having currently. Blowing away those cobwebs and letting the children explore and burn off their excess energy seemed like a good plan for the day, so yesterday we headed off to Hunstanton (aka…… Continue reading Splashing, strolling and bowling