Baskets of love


When I am not crafting, I am a part time teacher. This week has been half term, meaning lots of family time and plenty of  opportunities for creating. I have been rather busy with both crochet and sewing. My crochet project had two purposes: to use up some of my enormous wool collection, and to make some storage for the many tiny wooden toys which belong with my daughter’s play kitchen. I couldn’t find any patterns the right sort of size online, so I set to using my knowledge of basic crochet and wrote my own basket pattern. I was feeling impatient so I used two strands of wool together (bonus-using up twice as much wool!) and a large hook. The wool was just some that I had left in my box and added a little sparkle. At first my project was a minor disaster and looked more like a hat. I duly pulled it down to the very first round and started my increase rounds again, this time it was much flatter. Eventually I also worked out how to add built in handles and it was soon time to sew in the ends. Although it was such a simple project, I felt rather proud as I carefully arranged the little wooden food in it and placed it on the shelf of the toy kitchen  ready to surprise my little girl in the morning.


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