Butterflies and bunting

The butterflies from my previous post have finally become part of a project. A couple of evenings of sewing later I have finally been able to put up the beautiful pastel coloured felt bunting I have been working on. I just adore the colours; they remind me of cupcakes, ice cream and all things girly.


I hadn’t intended on using ric rac for the bunting to hang on but I had no pieces of pink ribbon long enough. I’m actually quite pleased with it, particularly the backstitch borders which I so carefully added to every letter. I normally use blanket stitch on my bunting letters but fancied a change. It was really hard to try and keep the stitches even lengths and they certainly aren’t perfect. I’m sure no one will be looking that closely at her birthday party!

I now have to resist the temptation to add buttons and other pretties to the bunting and overdo it. I am in no doubt that by the time Jess’ birthday is here I will have added to it somehow. For now, though, it is safe from my overenthusiastic embellishment tendencies as I am continuing with a crochet blanket for my son. It is a really long project which is taking a lot of perseverance, hopefully it will be finished by Easter. (Now I’ve written it down I really have to try and achieve it!)

Karen xx



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