Good enough to eat!


In between rows and rows of the blanket I keep doing little projects. One thing I think looks very sweet is crochet food, so I keep pinning patterns on Pinterest to try out for the play kitchen. My aim is to create a few things for my little girl for her birthday, though it is now only a month away so I’m not quite sure I have time to make the feast I’d got planned. Maybe more of a meal deal for one?

Anyway, I used this pattern for the jammy dodger biscuit, it was super easy to follow and very quick to make up. It’s a shame my joining was a little lumpy, the next one will be better! I also made a custard cream, though it has been ‘stolen’ from my crochet box. If I ever find it I will take a photo as I had to write the pattern myself!

I’m a little bit torn over what to make next-something healthy like a crocheted carrot, or a non-calorific pastel coloured cupcake? Whatever I make, my stash of scraps (it seems such a shame to call them that!) is coming in very handy.

Karen xx

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