World Book Day (aka Mummy’s worst nightmare)

Today it was World Book Day. Love it or hate it, it happens this time every year. As a young teacher I loved getting dressed up and finding costumes. Now as Mummy it is the stuff of nightmares (at least the costume part, we love books!) This year I thought we had it easy, my little boy was bought a Spiderman outfit for his birthday and was up for wearing it to preschool. We’d discussed it and even chosen which shoes would go  with it and I was feeling quite relaxed. Until Monday, which was when he announced he wanted to go as Fireman Sam as the Spiderman mask made him feel sick. I had three days to find a costume! Needless to say the supermarkets were sold out and I wasn’t risking ordering online in case it wasn’t here in time.

I was going to have to make one, and it felt like a really crazy plan. Don’t get me wrong, I love to make stuff. The thing is, I like to make it on my terms, whatever I feel like, whenever I want to. I just don’t make things on demand! (At least not yet.) There was a positive in that he had a Fireman Sam helmet (3 in fact!) and a belt so I just needed to make the rest of the outfit. I dutifully googled Fireman Sam pictures and established that we needed shiny stuff (for buttons and reflective stripes) and navy blue clothes. He had navy blue tracksuit bottoms and a navy t shirt. A navy t shirt that says ‘is it nearly Christmas yet?’ on the front. That was when I had my first genius idea-turn it inside out! I cracked on with sewing silver ribbon around the trousers and used my cricut machine to make ‘FIRE’ for the back of the top. My old friend Bondaweb came in very handy to attach the lettering, which felt a bit like cheating but it did the trick.

It didn’t feel like a complete outfit yet so I went back to google and found out I needed silver buttons. I have a lot of buttons, but no silver ones so then I had genius idea number 2. I painted them with silver nail polish! Once they were dry they looked pretty awesome attached to the t shirt in neat(ish) rows.


It’s a really good job I’m not a competitive parent because I was about to send my oldest child to preschool in an inside out top. It was very obviously inside out thanks to the word ‘nutmeg’ being printed onto the fabric. I did wonder what his lovely preschool ladies might make of it but I decided not to worry, it wasn’t like I was sending him naked! He loved his outfit and apart from telling me it should have yellow trousers (he was right but he has no yellow trousers!) it all went smoothly. I can honestly say that I do not love making costumes, although it was certainly a challenge to my creativity.

The best part of it all? The trousers lasted until about lunchtime as he got them muddy in the forest area anyway! He also said to me that he can’t wait for his sister to be old enough for World Book Day because she can go as Penny. I’d better work on my costume skills…

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