Mandala time

I had been feeling uninspired lately and in need of a new mini project, so I’ve been looking out for ideas and inspiration. I was browsing when I saw a beautiful mandala on the front of a magazine; the spring colours just really caught my eye. I decided to find a pattern online and have a go as I have plenty of small balls of wool.

This pattern looked perfect and I had similar colours in my stash just waiting for a project. I also thought it might look really pretty on the conservatory table.


Here it is almost finished. I’ve had a chance to learn new techniques for weaving in ends and changing colours as well as just enjoy seeing it come together and watching each round change the appearance of the previous one. I also tried out surface crochet (the very wonky pink ring!) and it was easier than I thought. The whole thing has been quite therapeutic to make, it helped knowing that it was just a small project and would be ready soon.

I can’t wait to make another one of these, I my try a different pattern, a different colour combination, or both! I was given a packet of seeds today by my granny and the flowers on it really inspired me. I rather fancy making something (anything!) using those colours. Just look at them!


They would make fantastic colours for a blanket, but I may have to settle for a mandala for now so I can satisfy the urge to go colour crazy sooner rather then later!

My wool stash is leaving me a little confused though-why is it that my box of small balls of wool is full to bursting no matter how many little projects I use it for, yet when I want to make something bigger I never have quite enough? Looks like I might need to buy some more…

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