20160311_102735Whilst tidying and sorting I found these. I made them almost a year ago, but it feels like yesterday. They were one of my first crochet garments and taught me a few important lessons about gauge and actually reading patterns. I must have made the sole of the first boot around 5 times before it finally measured correctly!

They were for my daughter to wear when she was in the baby carrier on holiday in Scotland but she hardly wore them. Now that they are too small she is desperate to cram her feet in and parade around the house in them!

I can’t quite decide what to do with them now, so I will let her play for a bit longer and then probably put them in her memory box as I’m a bit soppy and sentimental like that. They are so cute, I might even make her another pair for next winter as I have some Sock Stop so they would be perfect slippers. I tried to link to the pattern but it is no longer available on Craftsy which is a real shame. Fingers crossed I have the pattern saved on my laptop somewhere!

For now though I can’t crochet as I have sprained my arm. It is quite painful so it looks like I might have to just daydream and plan crafty projects in my head. My ideas book is already looking full, apparently I have more plans than I have time!

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