The Allotment aka A Great Big Crazy Plan

Last Autumn we decided to take on an allotment as a family project. All through the winter my husband has been collecting materials and dismantling pallets to make his dream shed. The weather has been a bit kinder to us in the last couple of weeks so he has finally had the chance to get the base, sides and roof made. We put the frame together in early January, knee deep in mud and frozen solid.

I am already looking into things I can make; little trugs, kraft card labels on string, decorated jars to keep seeds etc in. This isn’t my project (yet) so I’m not doing/interfering too much apart from passing tools and helping out where I can. I just can’t help planning, though, so I keep writing my ideas in a little notepad so I don’t forget them.

The prospect of a summer at the allotment, growing our own fruit and veg and letting the children help and run around is quite exciting. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place, with fields surrounding it. The hard work hasn’t yet begun and I’m sure some days it won’t feel as idyllic as it sounds. It is so relaxing just being there and amongst nature, I could stay there for ages (or until I need the loo!)

Today when we were there I had a look around as I walked to the car and admired everyone else’s handiwork and creativity. Some people throw things away without considering that they could have a new purpose; others keep everything, safe in the knowledge that it will one day be upcycled into something awesome. I am hoping that this explains why my husband has about 7, 652 empty Mountain Dew bottles stored in his shed! (He assures me they are essential). Creativity doesn’t always look beautiful at first sight, but when you consider the impact of this it suddenly becomes much more than aesthetic appeal. All of these recycled projects contribute to reducing landfill as well as saving money. That is true beauty! I cannot claim to be perfect when it comes to recycling, but now I have opened my eyes and seen more of what can be achieved by thinking out of the box I will definitely be making more of an effort. Who would have thought that an old pair of tights would be the perfect thing to support the branch of an ageing fruit tree?

This shed is made almost entirely of dismantled pallets and I’m rather proud of my husband’s efforts. Hopefully it will last a good few years and lots of plants (and memories) will be grown there. Starting tomorrow, when we will be planting fruit trees and rapsberry canes!



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