Shed update-it has windows!

Today we spent 4 hours in the freezing cold at the allotment. My main jobs were weeding, crowd control (we haven’t fenced around it yet and the children wanted to explore) and planting raspberry canes. I managed 1 out of 3 so I’m going to call it a win as the raspberries are in fairly neat lines thanks to the marking out set my Granny bought us for Christmas.

The biggest achievement for today is the fact that the shed has windows! It took a lot of planning and modifying for my husband (Dave) to get them installed. It was a real moment of triumph when the final window slotted in perfectly! The windows were recycled-someone local had taken them out of UPVC frames when they upgraded their conservatory (or something!) Anyway the whole shed frame was measured and based on the size of the windows so we both breathed a sigh of relief when they all fitted.


My little boy kindly pointed out that the shed needs a door so I guess that is daddy’s next project sorted. I’ve just about thawed out ready for my own next mission, which is not allotment related as my crochet has been neglected lately.

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