A blanket at last!

It’s finished! I had an unexpected day off work as my daughter was poorly, so whilst she slept I crocheted the border (and washed all of the bedding J got through last night!) The border was just treble crochet around the posts-1 stitch on a dc row and 2 on a treble row. I kept it simple as I just wanted to frame what I had done rather than add to it significantly.

I was a tad disappointed with the result initially because of the wiggly edges. These were mainly caused by the different types of wool being different thicknesses (as I mentioned in ‘Not Just a Blanket’). I decided that it wouldn’t do any harm to block it, so I got the pins out and looked for a large surface to stretch it out. The rug we were given by my husband’s grandma was perfect for this and I could pin into the binding. Probably not what it was intended for but it did the job!

Before and after blocking-you can see it lies much flatter now.

One of the best parts of today was seeing the corners of the border-there’s something satisfying about a lovely neat crocheted corner.


The colour I chose doesn’t match the other colours but I think it complements the other shades of blue quite nicely and stands out well against the paler colours. My little boy was very pleased when he got home from preschool and took it straight to the sofa to snuggle up under it. (I suspect he is coming down with the same thing as his sister.)

It feels a bit odd to have finished. The blanket was a project that I have worked on through a few tough times and it’s like leaving something behind. I am still undecided about whether that is a good or a bad thing, but it has got me wondering. What changes might await me during my next large project? What memories will be twisted into those stitches? Maybe I will start with something small, or maybe lots of small things.





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