Bunny little things

The day is getting closer-my baby is turning 2. She adores her cuddly bunnies so it seems fitting to plan an Easter/bunny themed party. Sadly I was a bit disorganised with buying party bits and bobs-my husband does the shopping most weeks and he doesn’t just pop things in the trolley which might be useful in coming weeks. His motto is ‘if it’s not on the list I’m not buying it.’ (It certainly saves money!) So anyway, the shops sold out of the sorts of things I’d have liked to buy for the party-mini eggs and so on. It left me with a bit of a party bag dilemma. I have no plans for luxurious gifts and going overboard but I do like to give our friends and family a little something.

After having a little think (i.e. a search on Pinterest!) I found this pattern for an egg cosy. I thought it was pretty cute and simple and another way to use up some of the silly little balls of wool.


So far I’ve whipped up 4 of them in colourful spring shades, which has made me feel quite cheerful in spite of the weather and the sickness which has rampaged through my family this week. I only need to make a few more, and they are so simple. The polar opposite of my next knitting project which I had just begun until it all unravelled! (More on that in my next post.)

These combined with an egg or two from the hunt we will do at the party should make lovely gifts. I do hope our guests enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

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