An Epic Fail!


I had it all planned out-get the kids in bed, bake cakes, go to bed and ice them in the morning. This birthday cake was going to be decorated and ready the day before the party, no last minute additions whilst guests were arriving like the other times. It was going to be a veritable masterpiece, an exact replica of her favourite bunny! Unfortunately, ‘was’ is the important word here-the universe apparently had other ideas for me today.

I was so organised; the first cake mix was all prepped whilst Daddy got the kids into their pyjamas and I put it in the oven before bedtime story etc. Removing it from the oven was fairly uneventful, it looked cooked and the skewer came out clean etc. etc. It all fell apart (literally!) when I removed it from the tin, which I needed for the next cake. My image of myself as some floral-pinnied wonderwoman was swiftly shattered with one ping of the spring clip tin.

This has left me with  a few dilemmas!

  1. What the heck do I do with the broken cake? Do I make a trifle and pretend it was intentional, add some icing and make cake pops (more work) or just let the chickens have a treat (easy option)?
  2. Do I continue with this crazy plan of making a birthday cake or just text my husband to buy one when he comes home from work?
  3. What do I do with the rest of the cake mix, which is waiting to go in the oven as we speak? I mean, what if I just end up with an actual mountain of cake crumbs?

Whilst I ponder these things and wait for the other cakes to bake, I need to exercise some restraint as the ‘cake’ does smell rather tasty and I’m sure one chunk (that monstrosity is never going to be cut into slices!) will lead to another and another and then maybe just a cake induced coma.

I refuse to be beaten by something that consists of only four ingredients, I am far too stubborn for that. So I will keep baking until I make the best bunny rabbit cake that I can. It might take me all night, I might still be adding fancy bits to it whilst my wonderful friends butter the bread rolls for the rest of the buffet, I might even begin to go a teeny bit crazy but there WILL be a cake. Looks like the chickens had better get used to eating carefully prepared crumbs… (at least until Sunday!)

16 thoughts on “An Epic Fail!

  1. Oh, I feel your pain! I think we have all been there… Just yesterday I dropped a whole tray of beautifully risen scrolls 😦
    Hope to see the lovely resurrected bunny cake in the future!


  2. Ha ha, love it, but I do believe “there will be a cake” despite everything. Not to mention a whole bunch of happy little chooks.


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