Patience is a virtue (which I don’t possess!)

I have always been the same-so impatient that I want everything done yesterday! I am hoping my allotment adventures might help me to learn the art of being patient as most things don’t grow overnight (Jack and the Beanstalk is a great big fib and very misleading about gardening!)

A few weeks ago I bought a little kit for 99p to grow my own lavender from seed. I planted them as directed and waited, popping them on the kitchen window sill where I could watch them. After 10 days nothing had happened (apart from some condensation in the lid of the mini propogator). I was quite close to binning it and just buying a lavender plant, it wasn’t much to lose. However, I decided to leave it for a couple more days, just to be kind.

A day or two later I was washing up when I spotted a tiny speck of green. At first I wasn’t convinced that it had actually happened but it uncurled and kept growing-it looks as though one seed has finally germinated. I am carefully looking after it in the hope that it is a lavender plant and not just a random weed living in the compost!


Maybe this is a sign that I can be patient! I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed for the one that made it…

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