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Surprise Carrot Cakes

As part of the rabbit birthday party I decided to make some carrot themed cakes. I saw a loaf cake online with hidden carrots but they were made of cake baked into the main one. Personally I’m not a fan of baking loaf cakes but the idea set off my imagination. I thought a simple twist on a butterfly cake would work well, with a carrot made of orange icing.

Here goes with my first tutorial!

You will need:

20 chocolate cupcakes

150g butter

300g icing sugar

250g green fondant

Extra icing sugar to dust surfaces

1) Bake a batch of basic chocolate cupcakes-I always weigh my eggs then use the same amount of everything else, replacing 50g of flour with cocoa powder.

2) Once they have cooled, take a sharp knife and angle it downwards diagonally into the cake. Cut all of the way round at that angle to remove a cone shape from the centre of the cake. Repeat for all of the other cakes and discard the cones (my children disposed of them by getting crumbs all over the living room whilst I made the rest of the cakes!) Depending on how crumbly your cakes are you may need to use the knife to remove any leftover crumbs to give a defined cone shape.

2) Make up a batch of buttercream-I used 150g butter and 300g icing sugar. I then used Wilton gel colour to get the shade of orange I wanted.

3) Spoon the orange icing into a piping bag and snip off the end, the hole doesn’t need to be too big as you want to make sure the icing reaches the tip of the cone shape. Carefully pipe the icing into the cone shaped holes, making sure they are full to the top.


4) Roll out the green fondant to approximately 3mm thick. Cut it into strips approx 2cm wide and 5cm long. Using a sharp knife cut off all 4 corners diagonally and then cut small triangle shapes out of each side. These form the carrot leaves. (Of course you might have a fancy cutter for carrot leaves and not need to cut each one by hand!)


5) Add 2 leaves to each cake, pushing them carefully into the buttercream and allowing them to overlap the edges of the cakes.


Voila! Hidden carrot cakes!

They went down really well and only took about the same amount of time as icing cakes normally would. I thought they were good fun and looked sweet on the cupcake stand. After baking I did think they would suit being baked in tiny terracotta pots, though I don’t actually own any! I also thought flaked chocolate would have made nice ‘soil’ over the top too. The icing might have also been nice with orange flavouring added too.

I hope you enjoy making them!

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