A bit of healthy competition

On Easter Sunday we were all feeling much better after a few poorly days so we decided to do some planting. It was a bit early for some things but we went for beans as they are easy for little fingers to plant. Not wanting to miss a learning opportunity we planted some in clear plastic cups, pushing the bean down the side so we could observe the germination process. We named our cups and so the beanstalk competition began. (Note the recycling of a cracked lasagne dish to protect the window sill-I knew it’d come in handy!)


The last few days have been quite interesting; the roots grew so fast even I was surprised, and I have grown beans with many classes of children over the years. We marked on the outside of the cup where the root was and looked again at the end of each day. Being quite competitive I was rather pleased that mine was growing the best (so far!) If you look at the picture below you might just see the marks on the cup.


It’ll be interesting once the shoots grow-I suspect my son will have his tape measure out daily to check how tall they are! It’s been great to see them develop so far and even my 2 year old was able to help with planting. Apart from the fruit trees they are one of the only things we’ve begun growing for the allotment. I can see a few more competitions will be on the cards though this summer. (Daddy is also competitive so I hope there will be no green fingered sabotaging going on!)

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