That box of small balls of yarn has come in handy again, this time to make a blanket for my daughter’s doll. I don’t mind as when dolly sleeps so does she! I chose a basic granny rectangle as it isn’t something I’ve done much before and also because I thought it would look really pretty in rainbow colours. It is a tad garish, but also quite effective. The small balls of yarn stash is still positively enormous but hopefully this will help to reduce it a tiny bit!


It is ever so slightly wonky but I will block it. I don’t even know how big I’m going to make it yet so that’s a way off. I love the simplicity of the stitches; it’s so easy to just pick up and do a little bit without the need to keep count. The only problem is the rounds obviously need more yarn as it gets larger. I may even have to break into the ‘large balls of yarn’ box, which kind of defies the object of a scrappy blanket . It’s looking more likely that the luminous orange I misguidedly bought might end up being used at last!

I’m hoping to get this whipped up quickly as my project waiting list is getting longer (sewing, cards and crochet!) I’m getting faster at crochet after my last blanket though so I’d better start looking at borders for this one ready. I quite fancy a pretty lacy or scalloped border-just as girly as the blanket colours!

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