A productive day

For the first day in a while we’ve had sunny weather without showers every hour. We made the most of it and went to the allotment when Dave woke up from his night shift. He got a rotavator last Saturday and was very keen to try out his new toy (I say it is his rather than ours as I haven’t got a blinking clue how it works and have no desire to learn!)

I planted some more fruit bushes whilst he did some fiddly looking things to make the rotavator run like a sports car (or something) then I herded the children whilst he turned over a nice big vegetable patch. We are going to put potatoes in, as well as the other veg seeds so it needed preparing really well. It is also quite heavy clay soil so it takes some work. It was so weedy that he rotavated it roughly, we hand picked out the newly decapitated weeds and then went over it again. By this point Jess was very tired from crying at daddy’s noisy new toy so she had a nap in the shed. Poor love had to kip on my coat on the shed floor as we haven’t got a chair there yet. (Once the shed has a door we will take the reclining chair which daddy picked up free-it’s going to be one posh den!)

The allotment still looks a bit unloved, but we are working on it and gradually it will improve. It was great to see some things springing into life already, like a promise of things to come-the tiniest leaf buds on the fruit trees and the bright pink flowers on the redcurrant which had been left for dead by it’s previous owner. We carefully nurtured it in a pot on the patio until it was time to plant it.


At home the beans are still growing well and obviously mine is still winning! We also sowed some cress, but that will have it’s own post as I bravely attempted craft with the kids. Cucumber seeds are now in a propogator on the kitchen windowsill and tomatoes in the little greenhouse in the garden. I can’t wait for more tiny seedlings to appear-it’s amazing that in a few short months those seeds will have produced fruit and seeds of their own!

For now I will have to try hard to resist the urge to look at the seeds every 5 minutes, they do say a watched kettle never boils and I’m pretty certain that a watched seed never germinates either.

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