The Great Easter Egg Sacrifice

Easter was nearly a fortnight ago and chocolate makes my kids go totally loopy so there are still quite a few eggs hanging around. The temptation is making Slimming World pretty hard going so I decided they had to go. There is always the option of giving them away and at Christmas I took loads of yummies to the local old people’s home. I also had biscuits left from the birthday party and they too were an undesirable temptation- we don’t normally have biscuits but I bought them as a backup decorating activity in case it rained. Making rocky road with the kids seemed a ‘fun’ option and great way to use up some easter eggs and other treats. They wanted to watch Snore Patrol (Paw Patrol to those who haven’t watched every episode 723 times!) so I made it myself and still managed to make as much mess as if I’d had helpers. It is only a pretend rocky road as we had no marshmallows and half of the biscuits were coconut rings!

We used 200g chocolate (KitKat Chunky egg x2), 100g butter, a couple of squeezes of golden syrup (we cut out the middle man as it always sticks to the spoon anyway, nothing wrong with a bit of guessing here and there!), 100g sultanas and 100g each of digestives and coconut rings.

It has made pretty good bribery actually (yes, I know, food isn’t meant to be a bribe!) and it was so sickly I only felt the need to sample one square. It should last the kids a few days easily (depending on whether Daddy takes a liking to it or not!) Smashing easter eggs is good fun too. Now, what to do with the other 4…

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