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Supertato To The Rescue

Of a slightly boring Easter holiday morning. Dave was asleep after his night shift, we had already been out loads that week and needed a bit of a chillout session. One of my friends had bought cress seeds for Jess’ birthday along with gardening tools so I’d been trying to think of creative ways to plant them. At bedtime the previous night (after reading Supertato for the 9 billionth time) Dave had said we could hollow out potatoes to plant the cress in.

William and I set to work! My potato hollowing skills are a bit rubbish, but strangely enough it’s not something I spend a lot of time doing. A couple of cut up cotton wool cosmetic pads in the hollows and away we went with the decorating. William is a stickler for accuracy so we had to look at the book to ensure we had all of the right accessories. I drew the pieces and he did lots of cutting. He followed the lines quite carefully and I wish I had taken a photo of him cutting as he was so focused. I didn’t though as it was almost guaranteed that when I went to fetch the camera he’d try out his scissor skills on other things which didn’t need cutting, like his clothes. (Been there, done that, learned my lesson!)

Attaching the pieces was fun-we used mini paper fasteners from my cardmaking stash as they were nice and easy for him to push into the potato but not so sharp he’d hurt himself. We added googly eyes and cut up silver flowers for his smile-shiny teeth were essential! We also added letter stickers on his belt, though we ran out of ‘s’ and Supertato got random letters stuck to him (so did the table and his sister!) Last of all we added the cress seeds and a tiny bit of water.


I think they look pretty smart, and when I posted it on my Facebook page a teacher friend said she would use it with her class. They are quite fun to make and great for scissor skills too! Not to mention the fact it kept us entertained and fairly quiet for a while…

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