Boys and Their Toys

I should have known when we bought the rotavator that it would become an addiction (for Dave, not me!) When he said to me ‘I’m glad we got that one, you can get loads of attachments for it’ the penny should have dropped that it was going to be an expensive big boys toy. A considerable amount of ebay searching has led to numerous (and extremely heavy) parcels arriving followed by a swift exit to the garden to tinker with the rotavator.

These escapades reached a new low today when I had to collect one of these purchases as it was only a few miles from the school I work at. I bravely ventured to a new village (I’m not keen on driving in unfamiliar places!) and found the right house. The lady very kindly told me what all of the things were, though of course it meant nothing to me-I was merely the courier! She started loading my car up with what looked like very rusty medieval weapons of torture. Apparently he had bought a bundle of new playthings!

When I got them home he assured me that they were not ‘scrap metal’ and that our allotment would really benefit from these new contraptions. I smiled and nodded, the same way he smiles and nods when I get technical talking about any of my crafty exploits. I didn’t take a photo of my heap of rusty metal, but here’s a photo of Dave and his new toy.


He’s very proud of it! (Which could explain why he wants ALL of the extra bits.)

Today he also planted the potatoes in the rotavated area from Friday’s trip. I don’t have a photo-I was busy at work. My jobs in the week for now are tending the seedlings in the greenhouse. Luckily (because I am a bit hopeless with things like that)I don’t need to use any petrol powered machinery to do it!

3 thoughts on “Boys and Their Toys

  1. sounds like you guys have it figured out… is the brains and nurturer of seeds, the other provides the muscle power πŸ˜‰


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