The Invincible Bean

We’ve got seedlings all over the place right now, and the beans from our little competition are doing surprisingly well. Particularly the invincible one, which has had a pretty rough start in life.

The beans are on the conservatory window sill, which is perhaps a little risky with an inquisitive 2 year old. This particular bean was pulled put of it’s cosy compost bed by the aforementioned destroyer of plants shortly after the root developed. As soon as she proudly showed me her ‘treasure’ I replanted it and hoped. Today I noticed that it has actually begun to develop leaves, which is a miracle.


They will need repotting shortly, as will the cucumbers that have germinated in my DIY propogater (recycled clear plastic tub upturned over a plastic tray with the pots in). The dahlias and zinnias have started to poke their little leaves up to start their journey towards summer, and much more quickly than I thought they would given the extremes of temperature in the conservatory.

Because I (apparently!) like playing with fire I have also transferred the 3 lavender seedlings to the conservatory windowsill. Hopefully they are well out of reach of the plant destroyer but she can climb so I will have to guard them carefully. The only positive thing about her efforts so far is that she pulled up her own runner bean seed and not her brother’s. (It would have been a minor catastrophe if she had.)

We may have to work with her on plant care techniques on the allotment as things progress if we are to get any kind of crops this year! It’s all good fun.

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