Mission Rainbow Blanket is Complete

Jessica’s ‘baby’ has her own blanket now, 2 weeks from start to finish isn’t bad for me given that I’ve been busy with other things too.



The border had me a bit stumped as I’d found the perfect one online, read the first part and then got bombarded with advertisements and gave up trying to read it. I knew I wanted a scalloped effect and having made a shell pattern before on some little boots I worked out the stitch combination that gave the best effect after a few experiments. I used 1 round of 3 dc in each chain space and then into those new spaces worked 1dc, 1htr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc. There wasn’t a lot of room in the spaces so I only got mini shells but it’s only a mini blanket.

I was quite pleased with my (basic) working out of my own pattern for the edging. I chose white so that the scallops looked like clouds to complement the rainbow-I’ve seen this done a few times and thought it was pretty effective. How long it will stay white in that hands of a toddler is a different matter!

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