Lace (3rd Time Lucky)


This, as the title says, is my 3rd attempt at a lacy cardigan for Jess. Attempt 1 was rapidly pulled down by Jess, Attempt 2 was a bit of a fail as I only cast on 72 stitches when I needed 74. I discovered this after completing the 5 rows garter stitch and first lace row. I was less than impressed!

Anyway, here is Attempt 3 in a rather lovely pink yarn with metallic thread in. I thought it would suit some of Jess’ summer dresses. However it was my first try at lace and after the first couple of rows it looked horribly like a moth had eaten my knitting. No one warns you about that! After a few rows I am beginning to see a vague resemblance of the pattern, which is reassuring. My aim is to finish this by the end of May at the latest so she has it for the summer.

The hardest part for me is focusing on the pattern and remembering the psso part of the instruction-I discovered what a pain it is when you forget it last night on the second lace row! I’m not a huge knitter but I like to give things a try-after all if I don’t like it I don’t have to do it again do I?

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