Card making

A New Toy!


You know what it’s like-you need to replace something and you spend a bit more than intended. My old trimmer was 12 years old and a little ropey. It has done it’s fair share of work, both for my craft projects and school resources (which I originally bought it for!) I had a look online and came across the Purple Cows trimmer. It was something I’d heard good reviews about and I quite fancied having a guillotine too. One of the main reasons I wanted a new one was because the bar on the old one moved and I got too many wonky cuts, ruining some of my precious paper stacks (even though I hoarded them and had too many, it was still annoying to ruin a beautiful paper with an accidental diagonal line).

It arrived yesterday and was bigger than I expected (not a bad thing-it’s nice to have a 13″ x 13″ cutting area to allow for larger projects). Once the children were in bed I unpacked it excitedly, I had a project in mind as my brother is 30 tomorrow (he shares a birthday with the Queen; I suspect his 30th celebrations may be slightly underwhelming compared to her 90th festivities!)

I always find masculine cards a bit tricky-what images to use, colours etc. Feminine ones are far easier in many ways as you can’t go far wrong with floral etc. Anyway I loved the negative die cut effect on the last 30th card I made so I decided to use it as a basis for this one. This time I used the Type Candy font cartridge in my Cricut as it was a bit less girly. I chose some blue patterned paper from the Docrafts Mr Mister range which I thought coordinated with the Kraft card I chose-it took me ages to choose as I didn’t want too large a print pattern given that I was using a C6 cars blank. Something I learned from the last 30th card was that the negative effect needed to be cut from thick card so it didn’t buckle when stuck with foam pads to the base card. In the end I mounted the Kraft card on plain blue card which I also used as a layer on the base card. I considered chalking or inking the edges but left it and wrapped twine around it 3 times. Foam pads were used to attach it and then I added a button with twine tied through it. Super quick-30 mins max and that included me faffing about getting used to the way the guillotine worked in terms of measurements etc.


I also experimented with the rotary trimmer blades on scrap paper, I was less keen on these as I found it hard to get the measurements precise enough. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to even borders on a card so I need more practise with the new trimmer. As I get used to it and become more familiar with the measurements I’m sure it will become an integral part of my crafting toolkit. My old trimmer was less accurate-at least now I know the borders are 1/8″ on the Purple Cows trimmer I can work from there. I really love how the guillotine gives such an instant clean cut; I think I may use it more than the rotary trimmer.

I have another card to make so I can get some more practise in, this one may not be as simple but I am looking forward to experimenting. I have a design in my head-hopefully the card will look as nice as the one I have dreamed up!

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