(Not) Losing to Lace

Lace-the word conjures up images of delicate beauty, of all things gentle and lovely. Not to me right now! If I didn’t want to make the cardigan for Jess for this summer I would abandon it for now and focus on other things. As I progressed further up the back I saw that the pattern was not really emerging as it was supposed to and looked quite higgledy piggledy. With a heavy heart I pulled it down, a couple of hours work unravelled in a minute or so.

Not one to be defeated (some may even call me stubborn), I decided a different approach was necessary. Having tried the back 3 times I felt perhaps there were so many stitches that there was too much room for error with the lacy pattern. It was time to be a little unconventional and have a go at the front-less stitches but the same pattern. That was 2 hours ago and look!


It actually resembles the photo in the magazine! Even with the added complication of the garter stitch edge I did it. I am now at the stage of casting on stitches for the sleeves, which are knitted as part of the front and back rather than separately as in many other patterns. I feel a whole lot better now I have finally succeeded at something that felt so complicated.

Lace, you may have won the battle but you have not won the war!

Are there any patterns that have almost beaten you? What is your knitting nemesis?

Wool on Sundays – 106 (Blue cushion)

19 thoughts on “(Not) Losing to Lace

  1. I tried my first lace project when my youngest was >1 yr old; I still had foggy hormonal brain (and a baby to tend to) and eventually gave up on the project. I couldn’t even frog it because I’d use a mohair blend yarn. :/ Your lace looks great tho!


  2. Lace has been a thorn in my side recently. I was making a shawl called sirens song by Caitlin Ffrench but I botched the stitch count so bad on one side that I had to take it all apart. Even after I had restarted four times before the final death of it. My current project was supposed to have lace in it but I’m not going to mess with it and am leaving it in a plan stockinet stitch 😄

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