Lace Cardigan Progress


Tonight I have cast off the first part of Jess’ cardigan-you could say I’m quarter of the way there. I hadn’t realised the impact of changing needle size for the rib, but I quite like how it narrows the body of the cardigan. I had to knit the rib on circular needles as I didn’t have size 9 regular ones in my stash, which means that it’s not as even as I’d like tension wise. I was surprised as I have so many knitting needles (I think they must just all be the same size). On my next day off I will have to have a trip to the charity shops to find some. The needles are kept under the counter like some kind of dodgy knitting black market and you have to ask VERY nicely to be allowed to look through them! I don’t mind though as it’s a cheap way of buying them and I quite like using preloved knitting needles as it’s fun to let my mind wander and imagine who has used them and what they have made over the years. It’s a bit like making your own tiny bit of history.

I’m going to start the right front now, let’s see how far I can get before bedtime.

10 thoughts on “Lace Cardigan Progress

  1. Gorgeous! I am glad you mentioned bedtime because I was beginning to wonder if you ever got any sleep. How do you fit it all in?!


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