RIP weeds

“A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place.” Granny c.1990

Right now I am inclined to disagree with Granny, though I am sure there are many places where weeds (or wildflowers as some would prefer them to be known) are welcome and indeed encouraged. I know that insects love them and that our declining population of native creatures rely on them, so for this reason some weeds will continue to thrive in certain spots on the allotment (by the shed, around the car parking space, along the side path etc). However, it’s fair to say that this weekend has not been a great one for the majority of the weeds who thought they could live a long and happy life on plot B15-2.

Yesterday Dave rotavated the other side of the allotment, and went over the patch that was done a fortnight ago. It looks loads better and I am really relieved that we haven’t used any weedkiller (see, I do care about the insects). He left a path between the two rotavated areas, which I tackled today. By tackled I mean I beheaded all of the remaining weeds on the path with a hoe. It was quite satisfying! The hoe was a really old second hand (vintage-if you can use that term to describe garden tools?) one and I did take a moment to ponder how many weeds have been destroyed by it during it’s lifetime; I suspect the answer is quite a few as it is a beast. We now have the task of disposing of the weeds properly-at the moment they are in a heap where we park the car and William used his bucket to make ‘weed castles’ as he carried them there for us. The path looks wonky in the photo but it isn’t staying there-the newly rotavated patch will become home to a series of raised beds and the remaining soil will just be compacted. (Apparently we have ‘inherited’ a concrete roller from the previous allotment owners so it may get some use soon.

A slightly less weedy (apart from the cheeky beggars in the foreground!) plot

In other non-weed related news the water collecting and storage system has been set up. We acquired some IBC containers a couple of weeks ago-Dave and our neighbour found them free on eBay and went and collected them. As we are expecting a couple of days of bad (appalling) weather we decided to get it all set up today so that we can make the most of it and begin collecting water to save the trek to the water troughs each time we need to tend to our plants. Dave set it all up today with a little bit of help from William, who was particularly exciting at the testing stage where he got to check the water was coming through properly (he nearly gave me a heart attack trying to climb up the side of it though!) The shed also has a door at last, which is something of a relief as we can begin to leave tools etc there and not worry about them. In front of the shed you can see our wood piles which are ready for when we have the time to build raised beds-they are a bit tidier now as Dave and William sorted them into types of wood. (At least it no longer resembles the makings of a bonfire!)


It’s safe to say the weekend has been productive, and I am a little achy and tired after my efforts today but also satisfied that progress has been made. A tiny bit of me might even feel sorry for the weeds!

8 thoughts on “RIP weeds

  1. This post really made me smile! I have been to look at my newly acquired allotment today and it is a fair presumption to say that I have lots of work ahead – there seems to be a fierce colony of weeds that have taken over! Well, aside from a humongous rhubarb patch that the last allotment plotter left behind 🙂 I’m hoping to find lots of ‘vintage’ tools and get cracking this week. Lovely post and looking forward to the next one! x

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