Card making

A Disappointing Day

You might have guessed from the title but I feel a little grumpy and disheartened this evening. I settled down to make two cards-one for a friend and another for a lady who is leaving William’s preschool. I had a plan; a Disney themed castle card using my Tattered Lace die for my friend and a butterfly card for the lady leaving. The castle just would not cut cleanly so I added a shim and then tried using a rubber mat afterwards, but the Cuttlebug just broke and now won’t cut anything. I was gutted-that machine has done a lot of work in the 6 and a half years that I’ve owned it, including all of my wedding stationery. In the short term though it meant a total change of plan for tonight’s cards.

I had to stop and have a think as I’d got out all the bits I needed for the cards which were in my head and hadn’t thought of anything else. I remembered that I had a Downton Abbey kit from a magazine so I used that for my friend. Luckily the Purple Cows cutter had a Victorian edging blade so I used it to make a gold trim and added my favourite gold edged cream ribbon to complement that and the gold of the Downton Abbey kit. A jewelled brad and more ribbon with some toppers and floral paper finished it off nicely. I hope my friend realises how important she is-I’m a terrible hoarder with some craft items and the jewelled brads are amongst my most treasured embellishments, only used for special projects!


The other card was inspired by Pinterest, with a punched butterfly and map printed paper from the Docrafts MrMister range, brown inked edges and a stamped sentiment. A few domed stickers were the only embellishments I used for this but I was keeping it simple. I am not overly impressed with this one but without my die cutter I couldn’t quite achieve what I wanted. The sentiment was really hard work too as the ink was new and very wet and the recycled kraft card allowed it to bleed so it looked awful. I did the usual cardmakers trick and stuck more card over it before stamping again!


Because today has been a bit rubbish overall I’m not even attempting to do any knitting, goodness knows what I would manage to make! I was going to get a pyrography kit for my birthday but it looks like I might have to get a new die cutter instead. I mustn’t grumble really as I’m lucky to have so much craft stuff accumulated over time; I suspect I am just a bit tired and frustrated after my failed cardmaking attempts. Whilst I am without a die cutter I will just have to get creative with my cards and maybe experiment with the Cricut a bit more (I much prefer my sets of nesting dies for basic cardmaking). I’m sure the challenge will do me good, I might even decide not to get another die cutter and just sell all of the dies!

14 thoughts on “A Disappointing Day

  1. I think both cards are full of heart and that is what cardmaking is about. You persevered despite the odds and got the job done. Well done you. I’m sure both recipients will be delighted.


  2. Agreed, it’s disheartening when everything conspires against you, and even worse if you are under pressure for time, but you did a great job regardless. And, on the up side, you might get a new die cutting machine to play with!


      1. Will you buy another Cuttlebug or go for a Big Shot? Or perhaps something electronic that requires no elbow grease (though my eBosser is very noisy compared to the other two.


  3. Wow! What beautiful cards. I have discovered a completely new vocabulary by reading your blog Cuttlebug? Pyrography? I can see there is a whole new arena of craft that I have been oblivious too. Must do some research.

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    1. Haha, I’m still learning more new words too from my other crafts. Part of the fun! (Won’t be doing any pyrography on my cards though-I suspect things would set on fire!) Thanks for dropping by. 😊


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