Corner to Corner Colour Plan

I have absolutely fallen in love with the idea of a corner to corner blanket and I have masses of these rainbow colours which I have been saving to make a blanket for Jess. Just laying them out to get an idea of colour order is getting me all excited.

I think the white breaks up the rainbow colours nicely

Now all I have to do is break my own rule and have 2 big WIPs at once! What’s your style-1 project at a time or loads on the go at once so you can pick and choose?

12 thoughts on “Corner to Corner Colour Plan

  1. I usually work on 1 project at a time, but lately I’ve been working on really short projects that I finish almost too quickly, leaving me with what-next-itis. I need to start another to fall back on while I’m thinking about the next short projects.


  2. Gorgeous array of colours, I’m definitely a several projects on the go at one time person. I like to always have something in the background (or several things) for when inspiration dries up. This year I have a full year project on the go, so there is always something to fall back on.

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  3. I like to have a large at-home project and a portable one. I am a finisher (can’t stand the idea of lots of WIPs) so the maximum I could cope with at once is three.

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  4. Lovely colours on display. Best of luck with your project. I assume it’s come along quite a lot in the past week or so? I like to work on several projects at the same time. Even thinking time is counted. Then, I shelve the hard ones and show the ones that took less effort.

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