Super Simple Sewing Tin

Have you ever seen things in magazines and said to yourself that one day you’ll make it? Only quite often, you never do. Well today I made something inspired by what I saw in a magazine (Prima Makes) and I’m pretty chuffed with it! I found a tin for 99p in a charity shop that was perfect for the job and I finally made it this morning.


I prepped the tin with stick away spray and wiped it throughly afterwards as it was one of those tins you get at Christmas with food in and it had some sticky labels on. I thought the gingham fabric complemented the pattern on the tin nicely and made a sweet pincushion. The trim was a bit hard to choose because it needed to cover the join between the pincushion and the lid. In the end I settled for this gorgeous white one which I really love. It was so simple to make and really quick too! I’d love to do more.

Friends and family guess what you’re getting for birthday presents!

6 thoughts on “Super Simple Sewing Tin

  1. Aw wow! This is perfect. The tin and the gingham work so well together, and the cotton lace trim is spot on! A really GREAT make Mrs.C.
    I’m so glad that you brought me to this blog post as I hadn’t seen it. Thank you.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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