Corner to Corner Dilemma

I rebelled against my own rules and started the C2C blanket with another WIP still on the go. I love how easy it is once you get into the rhythm but I don’t like the white stripe so it looks like I’m going to pull it back down to the orange.



The only problem then is that red and pink will be next to each other if I follow my original colour order. I predict some more playing around! Maybe one white stripe after pink before starting the rainbow again with red. (Sadly there was no purple and I don’t want to mix types of yarn again after the last blanket!)


Hopefully I will make the right choice and crack on with it!

Happy weekend crafting everyone! (3 days here in the UK-bank holidays are the best.)

16 thoughts on “Corner to Corner Dilemma

  1. Pretty colors, sometimes we have to keep frogging until we’re happy with it. lol I always have more than one WIP, keeping things interesting. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for dropping by. I’m still debating whether to do a full set of rows to see as it could be the white and yellow together putting me off rather than the full effect. Two WIPs is enough for me for now, I know I won’t finish any otherwise! 😊

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      1. I used her tutorial for making solid granny squares. Which I am using to make my grandson an afghan. She keeps her instructions plain and simple to follow and she uses both UK and American terms.

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