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The Lace Saga Continues…

What do you do when deciding how to deal with your WIPs? Get to work on one of the others, that’s what! This afternoon and evening I have been working on the back of the lace cardigan and I will be honest and say I felt much more confident until I messed up 1 stitch. 1 tiny little stitch. It threw the whole pattern out so I had to frog it and I hadn’t used a lifeline, so I pulled the yarn out 1 stitch at a time and caught them with a tapestry needle. Time consuming but effective. I did three more rows and then had to frog it again! Being a rather stubborn Taurean though I was not going to give in and I have reached the top of the lace section at last. I think I made another made another mistake at one point and so it is not perfect sadly. However, it is better than my previous attempt and this is all about trying to improve so I’m pretty happy.



I love the effect of the lace-look at all those cute little hexagons!


I now have the task of casting on 50 stitches at each end for the sleeves and then working in rib all the way up the back. I think it may take me some time! Anyway, I’m closer to the end than I am the beginning, although I fear my gauge may be way out as it looks really wide. I hope it isn’t too big when it’s sewn together otherwise I might cry and throw the damn lace in the bin.

Well done if you’ve kept up with the story of the lace cardigan so far, it’s getting to be more a 5 part drama. Whoops!

12 thoughts on “The Lace Saga Continues…

  1. Your posts are making me yearn for yarn again. I haven’t knitted for years but it can be so satisfying, can’t it? Keep going because it looks lovely and will all work out fine.

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