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Crochet Blocking Using A Yoga Mat

Whilst waiting for my blocking board to be made I decided to have a go at DIY blocking using a yoga mat, which I bought for £1.50 at a car boot sale. It worked pretty well so I thought I’d write up a tutorial. You will need: Yoga mat (or similar) Pins which don’t rust…… Continue reading Crochet Blocking Using A Yoga Mat

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Sunday Sevens #2 What a busy week it’s been! It’s half term now and time for a ‘rest’. (School holidays are considerably less relaxing with your own children to entertain!) Again, many of the things which made my list are plant related, mainly because we’ve spent so much time outdoors and the weather here in Lincolnshire…… Continue reading Sunday Sevens #2

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Eating The Elephant

Me again with the random blog post titles. After yesterday’s rubbish day I woke up feeling much more cheerful and in the mood for cardmaking. I’d been a bit naughty yesterday and not tidied away all of the cardmaking things so I carried on with the minor rebellion and made cards whilst I was still…… Continue reading Eating The Elephant

My other ramblings

Sunday Sevens Welcome to my first ‘Sunday Sevens’. I am really excited to be doing this-there are so many little things I consider sharing and then decide they are not worth their own blog post so I just forget about them. I’ve put them in order of my week so far-when I look back I realise…… Continue reading Sunday Sevens


When Is A Weed Not A Weed?

You may remember this post about my Granny’s opinion on weeds from a few weeks ago. Today at the allotment that thought came back to me as we found some unexpected plants (thankfully not as troublesome as Mare’s Tail!) The previous allotment tenant apparently used to grow potatoes (and onions, but mainly ‘tates’). The recent…… Continue reading When Is A Weed Not A Weed?