5 Awesome Things-Allotment Update

As usual we went to the allotment this afternoon-it works well for us to go on a Sunday after Dave has woken up and have a couple of hours there. Today we just had a few small but significant jobs to do and it was one of those days where you tick lots off the list and feel good. There were also a couple of lovely little surprises!

  1. The shed is secure-yes, we finally installed the hasp and now the allotment gear is as safe as it can be.

    I’ll have to remember the key when I got to the allotment from now on!
  2. The tool storage is beginning to take shape (thank you Poundland for selling sets of 5 tool hooks for, you guessed it, £1. We bought 2!) It feels pretty good to see things looking tidier. There’s quite a way to go, and many storage solutions which we don’t even know we need yet, but it’s a start. Once it’s tidy the next challenge is keeping it that way!

    3. Our water collection and storage system is brilliant-today we were able to fill the watering can using it rather than traipsing over to the troughs. I suspect the novelty of it all may have worn off when we are watering every day in the summer! The water you can see in there is only one week’s worth-it appears we have had a lot of rain/snow/hail/other interesting stuff falling from the sky. (Photo taken after I’d taken some for watering-the soil was very dry today.)


    4. The ‘dead’ gooseberry bush is in fact alive! Last week I was close to digging it up as it was so dead and dry looking (it had leaves when we bought it). Today, however, we spotted fresh new growth-maybe it was just feeling a bit grumpy about being relocated. It’s brother/sister bush has not been resurrected though and quite honestly looks like a fire hazard-1 spark and it would go up in flames. 1 out of 2 isn’t bad!

    The no longer ‘dead’ gooseberry bush

    5. We have vegetable seedlings (either that or super clever mutant weeds which have learned to grow themselves in neat rows, I’m really hoping it’s vegetables or I’m going to look very silly!) Despite the cold, anti-spring weather it looks like a few seeds have germinated. I was quite surprised and proud today! The calabrese and peas seem to have done especially well.

    Tiny Calabrese (hopefully!)

There will probably be another allotment visit tomorrow as neither of us are at work and there’s plenty of weeds to work on. In the meantime I’m going to Google pictures of Calabrese seedlings, just to make sure…



4 thoughts on “5 Awesome Things-Allotment Update

  1. I wish you all the best – hard work is always impressive. And, if, instead of veggies, you have managed to cultivate some mutant, highly disciplined and highly organised weeds, you can sell the story to the press and still dine off the profits…

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