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The Promise of May

I love May, for so many reasons. The weather starts to perk up (in theory!), it’s the start of car boot season here so there are bargains galore to be be had, the mornings and evenings are so much lighter which seems to energise and motivate me. It’s also my birthday month which is probably why I am so biased towards it!

As I write this post I am enjoying a much treasured sleepy snuggle with Jess,  who is clearly exhausted from her trip to the car boot sale. I have so much to do (craft wise as well as boring grown up jobs like folding washing) but I’m having a moment to relax, look at that perfect little face and enjoy the moment. These sleepy cuddles are rare, mainly because she only naps about every three days. William is contented watching TV for now, though later we have plans to do an experiment from his science book (I’m secretly excited about this-I love finding out things, even if you think you already know there’s something to be learned). May Day Bank Holiday is made for family time!

What I really wanted to write about though was my plans for May. I’ve never really done this before. I mean, I’ve made New Year’s resolutions and even new school year ones in September but never just randomly planned at any othet times of year. There’s a few things I want to achieve and new projects I want to try out. I will review at the end of May-who knows what will have happened by then?

1) I want to make a Top Secret crochet project (I know it’s a bit rubbish not sharing the no1 thing on my list-it’ll be more exciting when I can show you!)

2) Improve my photography skills. What’s the point making pretty things and taking terrible photos? This is a big goal but I’m going to focus on backgrounds and props. The light in the conservatory is pretty good for photos so I’m going to keep working in there. I have made a start by purchasing a chair for £8 at the car boot sale. I can just imagine a pretty cushion or blanket that I’ve made on there. Here it is with my yarn for project 1 in:


3) Explore my new die cutter, which should be here this week. It is my birthday present so I can’t play until next week but it’s something to look forward to. It also cuts up to A4 so the world (of papercraft up to that size!) is my oyster. It really was hard to choose, and I’m hoping I’ve made the right decision with it as it feels like a big investment. (I am quite (very!) indecisive and Dave was getting a tiny bit impatient with me not deciding as he wanted to order it in time for my birthday.)

4) Sow more seeds at the allotment so that we have repeat crops throughout the late Summer and Autumn. I plan to sow some next weekend and then more right at the end of May. If the seeds I planted before haven’t germinated then I may also cheat and buy some plugs. This isn’ t a super duper exciting plan but now I’ve written it I’ll hopefully remember to do it!

5) Pot up the flower seedlings; we have grown a few but my favourite of all are Dianthus. I just love their smell (it reminds me of the purple Palmolive shower gel!) Our garden should be a riot of colour all summer long with the things we have to plant out-zinnias, dahlias and the “cottage garden” mixes. (We’ve got about 30 packets of those-enough to sow a whole field I reckon.)

6) Try a new craft-pyrography. I bought an unfinished wooden box for 50p at the car boot sale and I’m going to decorate it myself. I’m hoping to get a pyrography kit for my birthday so I can get going. I also have a few allotment related wood burning (in an arty way of course) plans up my sleeve if I can manage to do it well! This is a risky one for me as I am, putting it mildly, accident prone. We’ll have to see how this one goes…

7) Keep hunting for things to upcycle-I so enjoyed making my little sewing tin that I want to do more. I may have purchased a frame at the car boot sale for an upcycling project already!


I think 7 things is enough to keep me busy for the whole month! One thing I can promise is that I will not be doing anything involving knitting lace. What are your plans for May?

10 thoughts on “The Promise of May

  1. Clearly you are not a girl to let the grass grow under your feet. I wish I were so organised, but then I am retired and I have more time on my hands than ever before, perhaps it’s ok if I don’t plan so much. Happy Birthday month.

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