Ta Da! One Finished Cardigan!


Here it is at long last! I could tell you all the bad things about it now it is finished and evaluated but do you know what? I’m not going to because I am so pleased I made it to the end and didn’t just frog it and leave it after my failed attempts.

I’m going to tell you what I like about it instead.

1) It fits, just about but it fits. Need I say more?

2) I’m pretty pleased with the neatness of my sewing, as it is the bit that I tend to get bored with and struggle to get the perfect finish I aim for.

3) I even tried to block it. I think it helped a bit with finishing off the lace and my new chair came in very handy.

Poor chair, you can just about see the pins

4) Heart shaped buttons (I’m not going into the practicalities of doing them up with such a fiddly shape and the buttonhole yarn getting caught because I’m staying positive!) I suspect Dave may curse me for using them when it’s his turn to get her dressed but they are so cute.

Focus on the buttons and not the neckline decreases!



I think it goes really well with this dress, which was the main one I had in mind when I started this project in this colour. (I promise I tried to iron the dress!)

Well that’s it for now, I feel proud of completing my project and still have almost 300g of that yarn left because lace doesn’t use much. (My mum told me I needed over 200g for a basic cardigam for Jess and it came in packs of 4x50g balls so had to buy 2.) I’m going to think about what to do with it-maybe in June as May is busy enough!

Thank you for reading and following this little cardigan on it’s journey to completion.

Karen x

32 thoughts on “Ta Da! One Finished Cardigan!

  1. Beautiful. I love the color and it coordinates so well with the dress. Adorable buttons too. I wish I was talented with needles (or a hook) and yarn, but I am a lost cause. Paper and fabric (mostly paper) I can handle. 🙂 Great job!

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