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To Pin or Not to Pin

Pinterest-you either love it or hate it. If you love it, your time is stolen without you realising as you browse for new ideas for things you may or may not have the intention of actually ever making.

For me, it’s a place to share some of my crafty projects as well as a mine of inspiration for those days when I’m not quite sure what to create. There’s a certain buzz to be had from your own projects being repinned and the feeling you get when one of your items appears in a search is pretty awesome. (Albeit a little weird when it first happens and you think to yourself “that looks familiar”-a bit like spotting your own car in the car park!)

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger and crafter whose card here had A LOT of repins (and deservedly so, it was beautiful). It made me go back to my Pinterest and look back over my journey and revisit things I forgot I had made. The majority of my own uploads are cards, so I decided to do a round up on here of my 5 favourites which I think reflect my cardmaking style.Β Some have had a few repins, some lots and some none at all. Quite often they are personalised, just because I like to do that.



Christening card for my eldest Godson. I love to go all out on pastels for baby cards! I also must have had time on my hands as I made a stepper card, I used to experiment with card bases much more. Maybe I should try it again!



1st Birthday card for my niece. Super simple yet I really like it, especially the stick on gem for the eye which adds a tiny sparkle.



Wedding card for a friend, using her wedding theme colours as a base. I always do this for weddings-I think it is a lovely touch. Pearls are amongst my favourite embellishments and seem to feature heavily in my cards!



Anniversary card for my husband. I was inspired to try sewing on a card and I used backing card which was left over from our wedding invites so it made it extra special. I quite like to try new techniques, though I haven’t made any sewn cards since then.



30th Birthday card for Dave. This is one of my most time consuming cards ever and it was so hard to get the shapes to fit as I used different Cricut cartridges. It was inspired by an iPhone screen and the little app icons are things that are special to him. I adored making it despite the fiddliness!

It looks like my ‘style’ actually involves copious use of my Cricut machine!

The question is-do I keep Pinning and hope I get more repins? Is it best to just Pin and use it as my own record and forget repins? Or not even bother and just use Pinterest as a source of inspiration? Is Pinterest so ‘full’ that there’s no point adding more? What do you think?

Just adding my most Pinned card ever, which isn’t even really mine as it’s William’s handprint!


20 thoughts on “To Pin or Not to Pin

  1. Pin, always. Pinterest needs fresh stuff otherwise, eventually, we will have seen it all! Also for many of us Pinterest is the starting point, manageable and not too scary. Your pins might inspire someone else to make a beautiful cardigan, or start an allotment, or use their son’s handprint to make an awesome card and you just might make their day! (BTW the link didn’t work for me)

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  2. All of your cards are so much fun. It takes a while to develop and even recognise your own style. I love Pinterest and find lots of inspiration there.

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  3. Your cards are lovely! I’ve never tried card making, though I was actually just thinking about it this past weekend as my sister made our mother a hand-made pop-up flower card. I’m really loving that heart card with the stitching. I think it’s about time I start a new Pinterest board. Pin all of the projects! πŸ™‚

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