Mini Allotment Update

We broke our little tradition and went to the allotment today rather than our normal Sunday. (We plan on going tomorrow too!) Dave had been yesterday just to drop off some more compost and show off his work so far to his dad.

I got a lovely surprise-our first beautiful pink apple blossom!


Other things are beginning to appear now too-carrot and pea seedlings, potato leaves and the other gooseberry which I had totally written off has some signs of growth. It feels like a small miracle! It is getting increasingly hard to persuade the children not to run (they don’t do walking) on the planted areas. Even me explaining that the caned areas were not for playing on didn’t work. I’m hopeful that the raised beds might help with that!

Whilst I planted some onion sets. This was an unmitigated disaster since the pack had two conflicting sets of instructions-one set said to plant them 15cm deep, the other said have the tips just showing. The sets were only 3-5 cm long so both instructions couldn’t be right. I guess that’s what you get when you buy your supplies in Poundland! Anyway I went for the ‘hedging your bets’ approach and did both. Hopefully I will get some onions in the Autumn! (I seem to recall seeing some with tips poking up on another blog so I’m presuming that those ones will do better.) William helped me with those and was most amused when I explained that the onions had a ‘bum’! I showed him where the roots were going to appear and that the bottom had to go in first.

Whilst I occupied the children (kind of), Dave started work on raised beds. He managed to make one today, hopefully tomorrow we can make a couple more and start planting in them. That left over pallet wood is going a long way! We have gone for raised beds which we can pick up after we have harvested our crops. It means we can rotavate the whole lot and then just pop them back down next spring. (Do you detect how hopeful I am-I’m already thinking about next year!) I think the root veg will be better in them as once compost has been mixed in the soil should be lovely and loose. As well as being heavy clay our soil is quite stony-I suspect we will have a few wonky carrots from the area I’ve already planted!


I’m feeling quite motivated for tomorrow’s allotment trip now, probably because I have kind of planned what I’m going to achieve. When it’s been a week since your last visit you’re never quite sure what you’re going to find that needs doing (normally involving weeds). I am going to predict now that the children will need a bath tomorrow night-they were completely filthy tonight, as if they’d rolled in the mud. (They probably had!)

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