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‘Creative’ Cakes

It was my turn to bake the cakes for Messy Church-cakes are taken VERY seriously (we have two rotas-one for small cakes and one for large ones). William thought Messy Church was basically about eating cake and being allowed to use scissors for quite some time.

Anyway I thought I’d better make an effort to redeem myself since last time it was my turn I forgot and we only had a large cake that day! (For the record, everyone survived but it was a close call.) The theme for this week was ‘Bible mountains’ which set me thinking about ways to link my cakes to the theme. I could have made rock cakes, rocky road or my After Eight cupcakes with a pointy top but I decided to have fun with my Wilton food colourings instead.

I made two sorts of cake-green ‘snow capped’ mountains and red and orange volcanoes with orange icing (for those who like their mountains with a little more bite). I used basic glace icing and sugar sprinkles for effect. The volcanoes were going to be far more dramatic with popping candy in but I gave up searching yesterday as the kids were hot and grumpy when we went into town. Before I show you the photo, I’m not going to lie-you have to use your imagination to see what these represent! (Dave suggested the mountains might look more realistic with Yeti footprints made using action figure feet in the icing on top, but these were for Messy Church and not a student’s Halloween party. He went away when I rolled my eyes!)


The green cake doesn’t look very green in this photo but here’s a better one.


They went down very well! I think I’ve redeemed myself now;
I really should write down when it’s my turn to bake though.

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