Plot B15.2 Now Starring…


Beanstalk wigwam! We left out a pole so it has a ‘door’. I can’t wait for it to become a den in the summer, William already has his eye on Dave’s scrap wood pile to make a floor! You can also see the next raised beds (mk2-complete with double height posts in case we want to make them deeper later on). As well as beans we planted some peas and carrots in the first raised bed-I researched companion planting and hope I’ve chosen good friends! If you look carefully you can see the mini crafters digging (or something!)

Our allotment neighbours were very kind and helped us to fill the IBC container with a solar powered pump which enabled us to do other tasks whilst it topped up. They also gave William his own child sized spade as their niece and nephew had outgrown it. We gave it pride of place on one of the newly installed tool hooks!


The rescued cabbages etc. have been planted out in (slightly drunken looking) rows; William helped a lot and began to learn the technique for getting plants out of pots safely. We certainly made progress this weekend!

Next step-slug prevention. Our allotment neighbours gave us some slug pellets which I’m reluctant to use because Jess is still so little and indiscriminate in her eating of random crap. I’ve researched and come across egg shells, beer traps, halved grapefruit skins and so on. Do you have any super slug repelling tips and techniques? Please share, I’d love to keep the allotment as organic as possible.

2 thoughts on “Plot B15.2 Now Starring…

  1. My parents used to do beer traps, but my mum didn’t really like emptying them (and they got full fast!) She now uses egg shells, but I’m not sure how effective they are (they must be at least mildly effective since she keeps using them)

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