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A Treasured Teddy

I wanted to write this post to share something which I made 3 years ago, mainly because it is so well loved. Sometimes we make things to give away as gifts, other things are for ourselves or our homes. ‘Teddy’ was made for William when he was a toddler from a pattern I found in a magazine. Now he goes to bed with William every night and whenever there are teddy bear’s picnic events he is the top man (bear) for the job. Teddy has also visited many relatives, some of whom have requested their own version. (I have yet to make them but they are on the list!)


He is extra special because he’s made from leftover yarn from the blanket you can see in the photo. That blanket was my first knitted project as an adult and was made for William as a baby in 2011! I made the mistake of choosing yarn that had a wool content so it has felted badly and gone fuzzy, but it is fondly known as ‘Teddy’s blanket’. Both things are very much treasured and William helped me to set up the photos-he doesn’t let Teddy out of his sight. (You may have gathered creative names are not our strong point!)

Sometimes when you start a project you lose sight of why you are doing it if it takes a long time or it gets tough or a bit (dare I say it) boring. Both of these projects took me ages but they have been very well loved and used which makes every second spent on them worthwhile. What keeps you motivated when you have a big project on the go? Have you made things that have been really treasured? I’d love to think all handmade items went to homes where they were appreciated but some are definitely more loved than others.

William's attempt at setting up a photo

For reference the pattern was from a Woman’s Weekly special around Christmas 2012. (I have to be honest here and say the shape of Teddy’s limbs did cause some amusement and raised eyebrows before they were attached!)

6 thoughts on “A Treasured Teddy

  1. I didn’t notice the limb shape ’til you mentioned it, but, well, yes, I see it now! Great teddy though. I expect William will keep him for ever, and actually I think his photo set is fab!

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  2. Teddy is very cute.
    I made a quilt for my son. It is a pretty hideous quilt, but he loves it, especially because I embroidered a message on it for him. The message is on the bottom of the quilt, but, at night time, he likes to use the quilt upside down so that he can feel the stitches of the words in the dark.

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