Woolly WIP Update


Between all of the cardmaking and wood burning my crochet WIP has been a tad neglected, though it has grown quite a bit. I’ve had to change the pattern of colours from my original idea as it although was intended to be a yarn eating project it has been a bit greedier than planned! I don’t think it matters-we’ll call it unique and be done with it. The corner to corner method has been quite nice to work, requiring just the right amount of thought to remain focused without being over complicated (which then means I can’t work on it if I’m a bit tired-there’s nothing worse than pulling down something that has taken time).

I’m going to crack on with it now, but thought it was a good chance to link up with Wool on Sundays and have a nosy at what everyone else is up to!


10 thoughts on “Woolly WIP Update

  1. Oh, I think your yarn hungry, unique” woolly is fabulous. Love the pretty colours. I look forward to seeing your progress. Just hopping by your lovely part of the world, via Janine’s, Rainbow Hare. Have a lovely week.

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