When Is A Weed Not A Weed?

You may remember this post about my Granny’s opinion on weeds from a few weeks ago. Today at the allotment that thought came back to me as we found some unexpected plants (thankfully not as troublesome as Mare’s Tail!)

The previous allotment tenant apparently used to grow potatoes (and onions, but mainly ‘tates’). The recent warm, wet weather has really made things grow, both weeds and the imtentional plants. As we went around carefully weeding between rows (me) and hacking at weeds with a hoe (Dave) we spotted some potatoes randomly dotted around. This was a bit of a dilemma-if you follow Granny’s line of thought then they are weeds as we didn’t plant them and some of them were definitely in the wrong place. What were we supposed to do with them?

Spot the odd one out in the onion row

In the end we left the ones which weren’t causing any harm as I suppose they are just bonus potatoes. One or two met their fate at the hands of my over zealous weeding helpers (we sent them to weed the patch where we haven’t planted anything else yet to protect the tiny ‘intentional’ plants!) It was really awesome to see our rows of little plants (carrots, calabrese, onions and beetroot so far) emerge from their weed infested beds. It looks so much neater, we just need to keep on top of it. We also need to get more compost so we can sow seeds in the other two raised beds but that is looking tricky as the car with a tow bar for the trailer is out of action for the time being. Fetching two or three bags at a time in the little car could prove a bit tedious but we might have to! We need to crack on otherwise we will be too late to sow anything else and that would be really disappointing in the autumn.

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