Mystery WIP is Finished!

20160523_172652.jpgHere it is, my corner to corner purple cushion. I’m nicknaming it the Twilight Sparkle cushion as it has similar colours to the My Little Pony of the same name.

Because it has two strands of yarn worked together it has made a lovely thick fabric and holds it’s shape nicely. My yarn stash is also considerably smaller-a few more big projects and I’ll have room for more!Β I also really like the effect of the sequin yarn within it, and hopefully my friend, who I made it for, will love it too! (She’s seen a photo before I put it on here.)

To make it, I followed the corner to corner video and then made it 18 inches wide and 40 inches long (2 x18 inches plus 4 extra for the button flap). It took 3 weeks in total (follow it’s progress hereΒ and here) but that wasn’t too bad considering the other projects I’ve also worked on in that time. I could have made the button flap longer but I think it was ok, and the buttons I saved from an old coat coordinated really well and were the perfect size for the holes which were naturally created within the pattern.


I can’t quite decide what to make next-an African Flower teddy, a wave stitch blanket or a try at my version of freeform crochet. I think some experimenting might be in order!

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