Crochet Sampler Afghan #1

Have you ever had one of those days where you want to start a  project but you don’t know what exactly? That was me yesterday. After completing the corner to corner cushion I decided against making the blanket using the same pattern. Not because it isn’t lovely to work, but because learning a new stitch gave me a thirst for exploring new techniques. I still wanted to make a blanket and after a lot of searching on Pinterest and the internet in general I began to feel disheartened-I just didn’t ‘love’ any of them, especially not enough commit a huge amount of time (and rather lovely yarn) to. One thing I had come across was sampler afghans and I thought that they looked a great idea for me. I like the thought of blankets made up of lots of squares but the prospect of making so many using the exact same pattern put me off. I am far too impatient for that, and far too easily bored!

Once I had decided what I wanted to make I narrowed down my search to ‘crochet sampler afghans’ rather than ‘crochet blankets.’ I found lots of ‘nice’ patterns with a few different squares in, again though there weren’t any I adored. This pattern by Patons had quite a few squares in it that looked interesting enough so I downloaded the pattern and started off with the simplest square. Many of the blankets I looked at had simple dc squares to begin with and I didn’t really want to do those as I wanted more intricate things. The first stitch I tried was pebble stitch and I have to say I fell in love with the texture it created. The pattern is in US terms and I had to learn the US treble, which is double treble in UK terms. It was a bit tricky because wrapping the yarn over twice made the first part of the stitch hard to ‘catch’ with the hook. I tried a few ways and established that it was easier to flip it over the hook by hand and then use the hook normally after the first stage. Not ideal, but it worked (though it meant progress was a bit slow). Here is my first square, complete with edging.


It needs blocking (I’ve got Dave on the case to make me a blocking board!) and the edges don’t look as perfect as I would like up the sides-the top and bottom are fine. I think adding edges when  you have alternating rows of double and treble crochet can be a funny old job. It is really obvious where two doubles were made into the side of one double treble but it was the only way to get the correct number of stitches.

My aim with this project is neatness, technique and trying out new things. I’m not in a hurry, I don’t want this WIP to dominate everything and stop me from doing little projects. I plan to do 2 squares a week, both using the same pattern. That way I can learn a new pattern a week. Once I have made a few from the Patons afghan I plan to branch out and try other squares which can use a 25 stitch count, I will share them when I find them! Now that I have one square made I can plan out (thank goodness for graph paper) my blanket as  I know the size of the squares. I will be using the colours of yarn which I showed in my Corner to Corner Colour Plan as these are the yarns I bought especially to make a blanket. The yarn is 50% each acrylic and wool by Wendy and is gorgeous to work with. It was also on a cracking offer (8 x 50g balls for £10-I bought 3 lots over a couple of months!) I love how it shows up the texture (yes I know, I keep banging on about the texture of this pattern, but it’s so lovely and bumpy!)

Wiggly, bumpy crochet gorgeousness!

I’ll share my colour plan once it has been made, I really can’t wait to get cracking with my ‘no pressure’ project. It will take as long as it takes! I am excited about the fact it will be unique too, I’m not one for sticking to patterns rigidly.

What’s your current WIP? Do you always stick to patterns 100% or do you sometimes like to go it alone?

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13 thoughts on “Crochet Sampler Afghan #1

  1. Yes, I have too many of those days. I like the sound of your afghan with multitudinous squares with many patterns. Your pebble square is very pretty. I love afghans/blankets with oodles of pattern and colour. I look forward to seeing your progress with this pretty.

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