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Eating The Elephant

Me again with the random blog post titles. After yesterday’s rubbish day I woke up feeling much more cheerful and in the mood for cardmaking. I’d been a bit naughty yesterday and not tidied away all of the cardmaking things so I carried on with the minor rebellion and made cards whilst I was still in my pyjamas!

My grumpy day got me thinking and actually inspired this card-I made two the same, one for a friend and one for my craft area as a reminder.


I used my Martha Stewart elephant punch (I love that punch but don’t use it enough) and my smallest scalloped circle die to take a ‘bite’ out of the elephant. You can see where this is going now, right? Continuing with the theme I chose strawberry patterned paper as a background because I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition between the huge elephant and the bite sized fruits. The sentiment was typed using good old MS Word and printed on to regular A4 paper (I would have used my thin card but I couldn’t find it). I then used my nesting dies to cut it out with the sentiment where I wanted it in the frame and cut a scalloped circle layer too. The card was layered with a colour which roughly matched the reds I used (slightly muted tones).

I’m really chuffed with these, no embellishements or fancy bits, just a sentiment and a picture with meaning. My cardmaking mojo is back!

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