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Sunday Sevens #2


What a busy week it’s been! It’s half term now and time for a ‘rest’. (School holidays are considerably less relaxing with your own children to entertain!) Again, many of the things which made my list are plant related, mainly because we’ve spent so much time outdoors and the weather here in Lincolnshire has been glorious (with the odd weird bit thrown in for good measure).



The potato plants down at the allotment are beginning to flower, I’m hoping that this is a promising sign for the Autumn-it’d be great to think we will have our own supply of potatoes, freshly dug as required.



Look at that beautiful beanstalk twisting and twining it’s way up the cane (it ‘may’ have had a bit of help on it’s way to begin with!) It’s so clever how they grow up things. A few have also been attacked by slugs, hence why we have the pellets down (this makes me sad but I fear we would have no plants at all if we didn’t take some action-they didn’t like Aldi’s cheapest lager).



Behold the tray of butternut squash seeds! If you are looking at this and thinking that it looks like it was planted by a 4 year old then you would be entirely correct. William came home from preschool on Thursday with the seeds and announced that he wanted to plant them. He took himself into the greenhouse, found a tray and filled it with compost and planted the seeds without any help from me. (I have a feeling that we are way too late to be starting squash off now so I am keeping an eye out for butternut squash plants in nurseries as we do like them.) I am so proud of how green fingered he is becoming, he really is interested in growing things and just adores planting anything and everything.



Remember ages ago I posted about my lavender? These are the same weedy little seedlings a couple of months on. Only two survived the wrath of Jess ‘The Destroyer’ but here they are, going strong and getting to experience the Great Outdoors. (Yes, they are on the edge of the barbecue but they aren’t in imminent danger of being cooked since it’s a very cloudy day here!) I have grand plans for their next pots but in the meantime they are making do with leftover pots from the glasshouse-the one on the right was painted by William when he was a toddler.



At the end of my grumpy day on Friday I decided to have a bath to chill out and I put in one of these Joules bath fizzers. Their floral scent is heavenly and they turn the bath water a beautiful shade of pink! I don’t know about you (maybe it’s a British thing?) but I am definitely someone who hoards, who saves things ‘for best’ (and then never uses them at all). These are a fine example of my hoarding-I was given them for Christmas by my brother, but every time I open the box and smell their beautiful fragrance I think ‘no, I’ll save them for another day.’ I just don’t want to use them all up, what will happen if I run out? It’s not like Christmas is only 7 months away when the stock of smellies will be replenished, or I could just actually buy some myself.



You just can’t beat a good brew, especially not if it’s accompanied by a home made cookie. The kids and I did some baking yesterday as William wanted some biscuits and we had all of the ingredients in. Good old Google provided the recipe, this one from BBC Good Food worked perfectly (incidentally I have never had a bad recipe from that site, they are completely idiot proof). They were delicious-there are still some left but I suspect they won’t last long.



And finally, in spot number 7, officially reserved for the most random of random crap, we have my car boot sale bargain. I actually bought it a fortnight ago but I plan to start on reviving it today so I let it join my list. This stool cost me a grand total of £1.50 and it does look a bit like it has seen better days (note how I tried to take a photo in a ‘nice’ location to make it look more attractive). It is pretty old and has had many uses in the past-looking at some of the marks on it, it has been used as a saw bench amongst other things. I saw it and immediately thought it was a ‘doer upper’. Dave’s response was not as enthusiastic as mine-I happened to buy it whilst he was taking William to the toilet so it was too late for him to disagree! At least this purchase fitted under the pushchair, unlike the chair I bought the previous time we went to the car boot sale (which he then had to carry the three quarters of a mile home!)

I hope you’ve all had a good week and have some exciting plans for the next one. We are going to the car boot sale again tomorrow so the race is on to find something even more ‘awesome’ for spot number 7 on next week’s Sunday Sevens!


10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #2

  1. I love BBC Good Food too. I used to try lots of different recipes, finding the “perfect” whatever (scone, lemon merangue pie, fudge…etc) then I realised that the best was always the Good Food one, so now I go straight there! Enjoyed this weeks “7” x

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    1. I think it looks like a milking stool. I don’t think I’ll take it to the plot once it’s done. It is useful for reaching the top shelves in the kitchen cupboards though! 😀


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