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May Round Up

Wow, that went fast! At the start of May I set myself some mini goals in this post, just to keep me busy. I was pleasantly surprised upon re reading that post when I realised I had achieved most of my goals. The weather at the start of the month was kinder than it has been today; I am writing this after a family trip to the seaside in the pouring rain. We looked like drowned rats by the time we were done but the kids were happy enough and tired out by the end of the day.

One of my first challenges was to improve my photography. I ordered a couple of mini easels from eBay and they certainly helped with photographing my cards. I also made good use of my car boot sale chair for larger things, like my cushion (the ‘top secret’ project I wrote about at the start of the month). I think I improved the set up of my photos quite a lot, but as for the art of actual photography, let’s just say a bit more practise is required! Dave offered me the use of his camera (a Canon 1100d) and even gave me a demo. This was an honour as it was his 30th birthday present and he knows how clumsy I am. My initial experimenting left a bit (lot) to be desired, and that was after I’d got grumpy with it because I couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working (two words-lens cap). I think it is worth me keeping going, I’d love to try out different effects. I suppose at least inanimate objects that I have made can’t run away from the camera so that is on my side when it comes to capturing shots.

I made a lot more using yarn than I thought I would this month, completing a cushion cover and starting a blanket. The main thing I discovered was that I had been doing crochet ‘wrong’ but now I’m doing it ‘right’ I’m away, there’s no stopping me! (Other than the fact I have to go to work, look after the children and do terribly boring grown up things like fold washing.)

One thing I wanted to do but didn’t do much of was exploring my new die cutter. I’m not sure why I haven’t used it much really. I’ve used it to make cards but not tried out any new tricks, sticking to what I already know rather than branching out. Perhaps I need to use it a bit more in my cards for different things-I have a Pinterest board full of clever tricks I want to try! Maybe I could combine it with trying some more cardmaking challenges?

I tried out pyrography, though I want to do much more. I need to invest in some gloves first otherwise my clumsiness may  lead me to A & E-the heat tool got really hot even quite far from the tip. I was so pleased with it though-my friends got it for me between them for my birthday along with various accessories and really is an awesome present.

The allotment is coming along nicely considering it’s our first year, even though car trouble has slowed down progress with adding compost. (The car with tow bar has broken down and bringing 2 or 3 bags at a time in the boot doesn’t have the same effect as dumping on trailer loads.) I still have the last sowing of beetroot and carrots to do, though a chap at the allotment said not to stress too much as there’s still time. This rainy weather should fill up the IBC and leave the ground nice and ready to sow in so later this week I will pop up there and get them planted.

My upcycling plans have not got very far. I’ve bought the things I want to improve (mainly the stool), but not actually done it. Maybe because I know it’s going to be hard work so I keep putting it off! However, I’m not in a rush and I’m waiting until I’m ready to tackle it with the enthusiasm it deserves.

I need to come up with a little plan for June, though I might not write a big list like I did for May. One thing that I keep considering though is joining a crochet along-I think it would motivate me a lot. I’ve not looked into it properly, but it’s definitely something to think about. Did you achieve much in May? Do you have exciting plans for June?



6 thoughts on “May Round Up

  1. I’m really impressed by how much you did achieve.
    One of the best things I did was create 2 secret Pinterest boards, one of must makes and one of used ideas. I get a little thrill seeing the things I’ve actually acted upon; it includes recipes, cards to case etc

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  2. I love the colors of your crocheted cushion! DD’s room is in purples and that would definitely be a great idea, though maybe she needs to consider less purple–don’t think that will happen though. 🙂

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