How The Doll Got Her Dress

Let me begin by introducing ‘Naked Baby’. She has lived at our house since April, when Jess chose her as a birthday present. She is naked because she is meant to go in the bath, though she came with a tiny towel and a nappy which broke a few days into her stay. Since then she has basically hung around our house in her birthday suit, being pushed around in the doll pram and sleeping each night in Jess’ bed. It was Jess who originally gave her the name ‘Naked Baby’ when we asked which baby she wanted to take to her grandparents house. Since she likes to take her ‘baby’ places with her, I thought it was maybe time to give her an outfit. I decided she needed a nappy too as Jess likes to pretend to put her nappies on her.

I scoured the internet for patterns and really couldn’t find anything suitable. ‘Naked Baby’ was a B&M bargains special so doesn’t seem to fit the standard doll clothes patterns online. Also, being brutally honest, I didn’t want to make something that belonged in a bathroom covering a loo roll. (Nothing wrong if that’s your thing but it didn’t seem like Baby’s style!) I decided to go for it and write my own pattern!

I worked from the bottom up, chaining a long enough foundation to make a decent sized skirt. I then added in a row of shell style pattern, and decreased until it fitted her body. It was a ‘make up as I went’ pattern which I wrote down for later so I can add to her wardrobe. I made chains for the arm holes and added a button hole band so the dress could fasten at the back. Once I’d finished I decided she needed a collar so I crocheted one on using shell stitch.


I made her a nappy basically using the shape of a cloth nappy as a guide and increasing and decreasing stitches to get the correct shape. I added press studs to fasten-velcro would have been easier for Jess but the wool would have caught on it too easily. I kept trying it on the doll so it fitted her exactly, and there was definitely a fair bit of trial and error involved.

Jess likes the new outfit and keeps taking it on and off her doll. This is why I love crafting-you can make whatever you want to fit your own wants and needs! I am going to adapt the dress pattern slightly to add little cap sleeves and maybe a different collar. We also need to think of a more tasteful name for ‘Naked Baby’ now she actually has some clothes!

How I love half term, especially when one child is at grandparents for 2 nights and the other has a nice long afternoon nap. Just a little bit of peace here and there makes a big difference!

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