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Multiplying Squares

Remember last week when I said I’d do two squares a week for this blanket? Well, because it’s half term and I’ve only had one child for a couple of days I have now completed 9 squares! I fear I may have overdone it and had too much of a good thing, a bit like a child who has eaten all of their Easter eggs by 7am on Easter Sunday. That is probably why I am blogging about it instead of doing more crochet whilst Jess naps. I fear my blanket may enter the toddler stage sooner than planned!

Top photo-white diagonal slash stitch, orange pebble stitch and pink willow square, bottom left-blue bobble diamond motif, green solid granny square and yellow rose v stitch granny square, bottom right-yellow and blue solid granny squares, green wagon wheel with bobbles


I could do with blocking some of them with a bit more water I think but I’m pretty chuffed since it’s only a week ago that I learned the ‘proper’ way to crochet! (Over the hook not under it.)

I drew up a colour plan for the blanket, in fact I drew up 3. My favourite is causing my superstitious self a few issues as it has 13 white squares and I can’t deal with that. I must find a way around it! Altogether I need 77 squares, so my blanket may well be finished by next year sometime ish, or maybe the year after. It’s a no pressure project so the timescale is ‘flexible’. Since we currently have no working cars I am spending a lot of time either at home (watching CBeebies) or trekking around the village to burn the kids energy off! (Unfortunately the allotment is a bit too far to walk to-that’s a different story entirely.)

I’m hoping the weather perks up a bit so I can indulge in some garden crochet this weekend. Right now the heating is on and the folk at NPower are probably rubbing their hands with glee at the ridiculously cold ‘summer’ temperatures and their ensuing energy usage. This is our sky currently:

Unfortunately this photo has not been edited-the sky really is the colour of elephants here today

Not exactly what you call weather for being outdoors in (unless you’re a particular fan of your winter woollies).

Fingers crossed for a lovely weekend!

10 thoughts on “Multiplying Squares

  1. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I used to work for an American company and was told they didn’t have “13th floors” in their buildings, they just had a work around, which was basically calling one or two floors something else, like ‘mezzanine’ or ‘penthouse’. You could call white square no.1 ‘foundation’ or some such moniker and then you are home free, no 13th square!!

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  2. If you embroider your name and the date you finish on one of the white squares, it wouldn’t be white any more! And it would help you remember when you finished (if you’re likely to forget such a thing!)


    1. Thank you, that is a lovely idea. There is a white one in the very centre surrounded by coloured squares with out initials on that might look nice embroidered. 😀


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